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Neil Peart CDs


Here at Neil Peart CDs we have Top Quality Rush CDs for cheap.  Our Neil Peart CD's are official Neil Peart CDs, NOT BURNED CDs.  Plus we don't just have Neil Peart CDs, we also have Neil Peart Imported CDs, Neil Peart Cassettes, Neil Peart Mini Bio and Neil Peart Albums too.  And all of our Neil Peart Cds are on sale.  So enjoy your visit at Neil Peart CDs.

Neil Peart CD's

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Rush Rush - ReplayRush - Replay  Remastered; DTS Sound; Box Set DVD

Rush gathers some of its previously released concert material on REPLAY. Included in the package is: EXIT...STAGE LEFT, which was filmed at the Forum in Montreal, Quebec; GRACE UNDER PRESSURE, which was shot at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada; and A SHOW OF HANDS from...
Hot Seller
Rush 2112
2112 (1976)
Remastered CD

Rush: Geddy Lee (vocals, bass); Alex Lifeson (guitar); Neil Peart (drums, percussion). Additional personnel: Hugh Syme (keyboards). Recorded at Toronto Sound Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. All tracks have been digitally remastered.
Highly Rated
Rush All The World's A Stage
All The World's A Stage (1976)
Remastered CDs

Rush: Geddy Lee (vocals, synthesizers, bass); Alex Lifeson (guitar); Neil Peart (drums, percussion). Recorded live at Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada between June 11 & 13, 1976. Having returned from the edge of obscurity with the ambitious concept album 2112 and years of almost...

Neil Peart CDs

1974-1987: Spirit Of Radio: Gr
2003: In Rio: Live
2112 (1976) Remastered 
A Farewell To Kings-Remast 
All The World's A Stage (1976) Remastered 
All The World's A Stage - Remastered
Caress Of Steel (1975) Remastered 
Caress Of Steel-Remastered
Chronicles (1990) 
Chronicles (1990) Box Set 
Chronicles/Moving Pictures  CD & DVD
Counterparts (1993) Remastered 
Different Stages (1998) 
Different Stages
Exit Stage Left (1981) Remastered 
Exit Stage Left-Remastered
Farewell To Kings (1977) Remastered 
Feedback (2004) Extended Play; EP; Digipak 
Fly By Night (1975) Remastered 
Fly By Night-Remastered
Gold (2006) Remastered 
Gold(Gold Disc Pressing) 
Grace Under Pressure (1984) Remastered 
Hemispheres (1978) Remastered 
Hold Your Fire (1987) Remastered 
Moving Pictures (1981) Remastered 
Moving Pictures-Remastered
Permanent Waves (1980) Remastered 
Permanent Waves-Remastered
Power Windows (1985) Remastered 
Presto (1989) Remastered 
Retrospective I (1974-1980) (1997) 
Retrospective II (1981-1987) (1997) 
Retrospectives Disc 1
Retrospectives Disc II
Roll The Bones (1991) Remastered 
Rush (1974) Remastered 
Rush (1992) Original Soundtrack 
Rush - Spirit of Radio: Greatest Hits (1974-1987) (2002) 
Rush In Rio (2003) 
Show Of Hands (1989) Remastered 
Signals (1982) Remastered 
Test For Echo (1996) Remastered 
Vapor Trails (2002) 
Rush DVDs
Rush - Chronicles (1990) DTS Sound 
Rush - In Rio (2002) Widescreen; DTS Sound 
Rush - R30: 30th Anniversary Tour (2005) Deluxe Edition 
Rush - R30: 30th Anniversary Tour (2005) Digipak 
Rush - Replay  Remastered; DTS Sound; Box Set 
Rush VHS
Rush - A Show of Hands (1989) 
Imported CDs and DVDs
Gold  Canada
Rush In Rio (2003) Japan 
Spirit Of Radio: Greatest Hits (+ Bonus CD) (2002)  Japan + Bonus CD
Story Of Kings (1993) United Kingdom 
Vapor Trails (2002) Japan 
Rush - Music In Review: 1974-1981  DTS Sound DVD
Neil Peart Cassettes
Permanent Waves (1980)  Remastered 

Neil Peart Mini Bio

Initially inspired by the heavy rock of Led Zeppelin and Cream, Rush relied on Geddy Lee's high, Robert Plant-like vocals, Neil Peart's Carl Palmer-on-steroids drumming, and Alex Lifeson's guitar heroics for their explosive power-trio sound. As the 1970s wore on, the group approach expanded to include synthesizers and the flash of progressive rock. In the '80s and '90s, Rush managed to keep current, with shorter songs and a more updated sound, without losing its immense fanbase.
Rush Definitive Albums
2112 (1976) Remastered 
Permanent Waves (1980) Remastered 
Moving Pictures (1981) Remastered 
Signals (1982) Remastered 
Chronicles (1990) 
Neil Peart Videos
Neil Peart Videos

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